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Work to reach goals

By Jeff Lubin

According to recent surveys, handicaps of golfers have remained unchanged in the last 25 years.
That may surprise you considering the changes in the golf industry in the last decade. Equipment is so high-tech, golf clubs practically swing themselves.

Golf instruction is booming, with computer analysis and golf schools on every corner. Add to that the Golf Channel, an abundance of gadgets and gizmos, and more books and videos than we could ever hope to get through. And don’t forget all the new golf balls with the technological advancements that not many of us even understand.

The game has gone from Stone Age to Space Age, yet we are not scoring any better.

This is an amazing testimonial to the mystery and allure of golf. In spite of evidence to the contrary, we continue to immerse ourselves in the hope of beating this marvellous but crazy game.

So it stands to reason that there must be something more to getting the ball into the hole than fancy equipment and perfect swings. Being golf professional, I can say without a doubt there are a variety of common sense things we can do to boost our efforts to play a more satisfying game.

In order to get what you want, you must first have a clear vision of what you want. Secondly, you must fuel that desire with excitement, passion, and enthusiasm. Thirdly, you must take action and physically and mentally focus on your goals.

In golf, just like the rest of your life, you have to really want it to get it. Be clear about what you want, be passionate about your desire to have it, and take the necessary actions.

Reproduced with permission from Calgary Golfer magazine

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