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Focus more on trust

By Jeff Lubin

Did Qass Singh, Vijay’s 10 year-old son, help him win the 2000 Masters? We don’t know for sure, but I think there is a good chance. During the tournament, Qass pinned a note on Vijay’s bag, “Papa, trust your swing.”
Trust is a big part of golf. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked as a key fundamental to becoming a better player.

We have all spent a lot of time trying to master the grip, stance, posture and all the expected positions of the club during the swing. While all of this is important, it is not very relevant if you cannot swing the club in a relaxed and trusting manner.

When you learn most athletic skills, you trust that you can pull it off when needed. When you kick a soccer ball, or hit a baseball you are reacting and not allowing yourself to become overwhelmed with mechanics.
With golf, you initiate this action, not react. This can cause you to over-think, creating anxiety before you even begin the action. If this happens your performance can suffer.

Signs that you do not trust your swing: you are scared you will hit a bad shot; you are getting stuck (thinking about too many things) before you start your swing; your practice swing feels better or looks better than your real swing; you feel like you’re guiding or steering the club; people watching makes you nervous; you are intimidated by water, trees, sand etc.; you feel the need to make many practice swings.
Ways to create trust: become more relaxed physically; become more relaxed mentally; don’t expect unrealistic results; practise swings without the ball; simplify your swing – the less you do the less can go wrong.

There are many drills that can help build trust in your swing. I am certain if you spend more time working on trust than a perfect swing, you will improve.

Reproduced with permission from Calgary Golfer magazine

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